A MAN, HIS WIFE, AND HIS HAT at The Hub Theatre

*Washington Post, “Maboud Ebrahimzadeh aces the role of Hetchman’s kindly, peculiar neighbor.”

*DCTheareScene, “Everyone is good, and Olinick, Rambow and Ebrahimzadeh are superb… As for Ebrahimzadeh and Rambow, they raise the stakes enough so that it is clear that though this may be a matter of indifference for Hetchman, it is not for them.”

*DC Metro Theatre Arts, “I am always a sucker for first-rate comedic performances and Maboud Ebrahimzadeh as Hetchman’s friend Meckel does not disappoint. We care about Hetchman because Meckel cares. Ebrahimzadeh combines strong acting with good comic timing.”

*MD Theatre Guide, “Maboud Ebrahimzadeh adds a wonderful turn… Providing crisp movement and comedic chops, we are drawn to him onstage… he injects energy.”

BOGED at Theater J

     *DCMetroTheaterArts, “Danny Rotem (Maboud Ebrahimzadeh) makes a much slower progression to the corrupt side. Starting out as a vehement youth possessed with a thirst for answers of truth and righteousness, when the pressure is placed upon him he eventually caves, as cowardly and shamefully as the reporters; only Ebrahimzadeh’s character uses his position within the military as his excusable scapegoat. His fierce start to the show dwindles with the hope for righteousness and by the end he portrays as meek a character as the others that cower in fear of the truth.”


*Washington Post, “The impressive ensemble… compellingly embody the contradictions of a onetime cradle of civilization where the laws of the jungle now hold sway.”

*DCTheatreScene, “Ebrahimzadeh’s Musa is a virtuoso of conflicting feelings and shifting loyalties…”

*Washingtonian, “Special kudos must go to Ebrahimzadeh for his tragic, funny, wonderfully realized Musa.”

*BroadwayWorld, “Played by Ebrahimzadeh… with With humor, dignity, and complexity, Musa is the heart of BENGAL TIGER… Ebrahimzadeh stands out in a uniformly strong acting ensemble. We really see much of the play through Musa’s eyes, and the actor handles the responsibility with truth and a depth of understanding that is riveting.”

*Maryland Theatre Guide “As Musa, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh gives a gut wrenching performance: you see what the war has done to his people.

*DC Metro Arts, “Ebrahimzadeh is superlative  – his acting is all of a piece and his cries of anguish sear into one’s soul.”

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