Some of the reviews of PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS at Studio Theatre

Here is what they are saying about the show:

*Washington Post, “Muse’s production, staged fashion-runway-style in the Victor Shargai Theatre between opposing banks of seats, offers other exceptional performances”

*CityPaper, “Studio Theatre’s production of Duncan Macmillan’s People, Places & Things is immersive for audiences in the way that car accidents are jarring for passengers riding shotgun: no airbag.”

NATHAN THE WISE at Theater J & Folger Theatre

Reviews of NATHAN THE WISE at Theater J & Folger Theatre

Here is what they are saying about the show:

*Washington Post, “Immerwahr’s actors — particularly Ebrahimzadeh, Eric Hissom as the title character and Em Whitworth as Nathan’s daughter — breathe humanity into the portrayals… ”

*TheatreBloom, “…played masterfully by another Folger regular, Ebrahimzadeh never fails to stun, and this performance is no exception. With his naturally commanding presence, the Sultan could easily have become an intimidating character, but Ebrahimzadeh’s charm, understated humor, and control of breath and gesture made him a crowd favorite.”

*DCTheaterArts, “Played with convincing restraint by Maboud Ebrahimzadeh… the quintessential reasonable man, who achieves his objectives not only by military prowess and political shrewdness but by compassion, mercy, and willingness to learn from others… a master of self-control….”

*BroadwayWorld, “While each member of the cast is individually strong, it’s also their wonderful stage chemistry that elevates their performances. The cast’s comedic timing, exchanged glances, and asides to the audience all elevate this to a truly great production.”

*MDTheatreGuide, “Maboud Ebrahimzadeh is similarly excellent as a commanding yet likable Salah-ah-Din…”

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