THE LIAR at Gulfshore Playhouse

     *Naples Daily, “Nickell infuses the show with fun — and his actors toss that silliness out into the crowd. Keabler and Maboud Ebrahimzadeh’s ecstatic leather-clad Alcippe (he’s the hard-rocking hair-metal bad-boy who crashed this party)…”

*Theater Notes, “There’s no way, watching the “Liar” at work, that we aren’t, tenderly or ruthlessly, confronted by the lies we, each, have told, lies that had ramifications on other people caught in the web of our lies. But, what fun it is…. You almost have to go just to see what really professional actors can do with a really fine script…. There’s not a lemon in the whole grove. I promise an un-sour evening for everyone in the audience. The loud standing ovation didn’t lie.”

*ArtsCommentary, “This is one of those magical plays where everyone involved, onstage and offstage, is superlative and everything they do comes together perfectly. Kudos to Mr. Nickell, who gets the right tone of craziness and off-kilter humor from his very talented cast.”

*, “There’s not a weak actor in the bunch, but the most memorable performances include Alexis Hyatt’s formidable love interest Clarice; Maboud Ebrahimzadeh’s intense, ticked-off Alcippe (including some cool Michael Jackson dance moves); and particularly Kate Siepert as the twins Isabelle and Sabine — one is sexually aggressive, the other is an unapologetic sourpuss, but both are laugh-out-loud funny.”

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