*CityPaper, “Ebrahimzadeh brings Tom Waits’ vocal cadence to his role as an enterprising homeless man who wants to direct a big movie, and who briefly lures Garner away from her dowdy but loyal beau, Wilson…”

     *DCTheatreScene, “It is the story of the boldness and self-confidence of Becker (Maboud Ebrahimzadeh), a man who lives in cardboard boxes and who is, ah, inattentive to matters of personal hygiene, who nonetheless pitches an idea for a guns-blazing conspiracy film, and who nods sympathetically when Susan (Julie Garner) complains about ‘dirt balls’….”

     *Washington Post, “Goldman’s youthful cast adopts an agreeably gung-ho attitude — the right affect for this academic evening…”

     *Maryland Theatre Guide, “As Becker, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh offers a memorable derelict/poet/visionary.”

SCORCHED at Forum Theatre

    *Washington Post, “Ebrahimzadeh is icily indifferent as the creative sniper. It’s a solid company, reaching heights without ever pushing.”

    *DCTheatreScene, “McWilliams, Strain, and Maboud Ebrahimzadeh (who plays, among others, a manic sharpshooter who takes gruesome photos of his victims) are excellent.”

    *Silver Spring Patch, “Ebrahimzadeh as Nihad even manages to bring a few light, comical moments to what is otherwise very dark and gloomy, and manages to do it without making a parody of the subject matter…”

SEX & DESPERATION at Spotlighter’s Theatre

    *Baltimore Messenger, “The most versatile of all is Maboud Ebrahimzadeh… Talk about changing your identity at the turn of a script page!”

    *BroadwayWorld, “Ebrahimzadeh is particularly sharp as Alexander P…”

AS AMERICAN AS at Journeyman Theater

     *Potomac Stages, “Ebrahimzadeh’s physical stance is iconic in appearance… most of his time on stage, he is unrecognizable as a human being, yet the audience can never take their eyes from him…”

TAKE ME OUT at Fells Point Corner Theatre

     *BroadwayWorld, “This man must simply be exhausted… truly wonderful acting… a performance likely to be talked about for months to come…”

     *ExploreHoward, “Maboud delivers a no-nonsense performance as Darren Lemming.”